Monday, January 17, 2022

Structural insights into the potency and selectivity of covalent pan-FGFR inhibitors

Lingzhi Qu, Xiaojuan Chen, Hudie Wei, Ming Guo, Shuyan Dai, Longying Jiang, Jun Li, Sitong Yue, Zhuchu Chen & Yongheng Chen 

Commun Chem 5, 5 (2022).

FIIN-2, TAS-120 (Futibatinib) and PRN1371 are highly potent pan-FGFR covalent inhibitors targeting the p-loop cysteine of FGFR proteins, of which TAS-120 and PRN1371 are currently in clinical trials. It is critical to analyze their target selectivity and their abilities to overcome gatekeeper mutations. In this study, we demonstrate that FIIN-2 and TAS-120 form covalent adducts with SRC, while PRN1371 does not. FIIN-2 and TAS-120 inhibit SRC and YES activities, while PRN1371 does not. Moreover, FIIN-2, TAS-120 and PRN1371 exhibit different potencies against different FGFR gatekeeper mutants. In addition, the co-crystal structures of SRC/FIIN-2, SRC/TAS-120 and FGFR4/PRN1371 complexes reveal structural basis for kinase targeting and gatekeeper mutations. Taken together, our study not only provides insight into the potency and selectivity of covalent pan-FGFR inhibitors, but also sheds light on the development of next-generation FGFR covalent inhibitors with high potency, high selectivity, and stronger ability to overcome gatekeeper mutations.

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