Friday, October 23, 2020

CovalentInDB: a comprehensive database facilitating the discovery of covalent inhibitors

Hongyan Du, Junbo Gao, Gaoqi Weng, Junjie Ding, Xin Chai, Jinping Pang, Yu Kang, Dan Li, Dongsheng Cao, Tingjun Hou

Nucleic Acids Research, 2020, gkaa876, 


Inhibitors that form covalent bonds with their targets have traditionally been considered highly adventurous due to their potential off-target effects and toxicity concerns. However, with the clinical validation and approval of many covalent inhibitors during the past decade, design and discovery of novel covalent inhibitors have attracted increasing attention. A large amount of scattered experimental data for covalent inhibitors have been reported, but a resource by integrating the experimental information for covalent inhibitor discovery is still lacking. In this study, we presented Covalent Inhibitor Database (CovalentInDB), the largest online database that provides the structural information and experimental data for covalent inhibitors. CovalentInDB contains 4511 covalent inhibitors (including 68 approved drugs) with 57 different reactive warheads for 280 protein targets. The crystal structures of some of the proteins bound with a covalent inhibitor are provided to visualize the protein–ligand interactions around the binding site. Each covalent inhibitor is annotated with the structure, warhead, experimental bioactivity, physicochemical properties, etc. Moreover, CovalentInDB provides the covalent reaction mechanism and the corresponding experimental verification methods for each inhibitor towards its target. High-quality datasets are downloadable for users to evaluate and develop computational methods for covalent drug design. CovalentInDB is freely accessible at

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